How to pass the TOEFL exam

Passing TOEFL test is an important step to get into college, get a professional certificate necessary for work and even get a job in certain cases. For someone whose mother tongue is not English, the TOEFL test is often something that they face if they want to live or study in an English environment. TOEFL or Test of English as a foreign language is a standardized test of academic English that is given worldwide. It is available in the Internet-based form and paper test.

The TOEFL test is not an easy test. It consists of 4 parts: reading, listening, speaking and writing and takes 4 hours to complete. The test taker will have a very good understanding of the English language including grammar, expression, listening and vocabulary. It is very important to prepare for the TOEFL exam in order to pass it. Below are some tips on how to go TOEFL.

1. Know what to expect. Read everything you can about the items tested in the TOEFL and how they are tested. Get sample questions and even full test sample. Thus, the format and type of questions you will encounter no surprise to you.

2. Review all the rules of grammar and Graphically you have learned so far in English.

3. Invest in TOEFL preparation book. It is organized, easy to follow process to see all the information necessary to pass the TOEFL exam. Such books usually come with sample tests to help you prepare.

4. Practice for the exam by taking practice tests. Time each part as it would be the real test. Use the adjustment key to correct it afterwards and to identify any mistakes you made. Review rules on those mistakes and be sure you understand why you made the errors you made.

5. Working with the English teacher or tutor who can help you understand the area you are in trouble. A good teacher must be able to provide an explanation that can be understood, as well as memory tricks to help you retain the information.

6. Take more TOEFL practice tests until you achieve a high minimum grade of a few. Now you are ready to take the test.

7. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test, so that you arrive in good shape for one of the most important test a non-native English speaker will ever take.

8. pace yourself as you take the exam. Do not go so fast that you neglect to read the instructions and do not dedicate too much time to any question.

They say practice makes perfect. Nowhere is that more true than with tests like TOEFL. The test is very comprehensive occupational person’s ability to learn and work in another language. Therefore it is necessary to review, study and learn all the skills needed to pass the TOEFL test acing this test will open many doors for you.

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