Integrated TOEFL Essay – How to write and get a high score

Most of you who take the TOEFL integrated writing Investors and feel this kind of pressure racing. Most parts of the TOEFL test is as a race against the clock, but Integrated writing section is definitely a sprint. I will use Track Meet analogy because it is very appropriate analogy for this exciting part of the TOEFL test.

If you win an Olympic sprint gold medal was just a matter of running fast, almost everyone was fast runner could win. The best sprinters qualified and eventually win the Olympics because of their technique and speed. It’s sprinters technology which allows it to be faster than the other sprinters in the race is measured in fractions of sections. Often when commentators criticize lose the race, coverage is often centered on the lack of, or failure in running technique.

Similarly, TOEFL Integrated Writing section sprint that requires pristine technology to truly succeed at challenging its requirements. The key secret is the same as for the Olympic sprinter, structure and technology. If you are reading this article, you are probably well aware that this part of the TOEFL requires you to write a 150-225 word grammatically correct integrated essay in 20 minutes after reading a short way and listen to a lecture on the same subject. WOW !! This test is “Integrated Essay”, which means to get a good score you will integrate. When I teach my class and online students the required skills for TOEFL success, I begin and end with the structure because it leads to a good integration. If you use the structure I outline here, you can also incredibly effective in an integrated writing section.

Here are the keys:

1. Note Taking: taking good notes is undoubtedly the first key to tackle this section. It is particularly high I teach all my students to take notes for this section. My students take their head, turn it to the side, draw a line straight down the middle, on one side of the top line writing reading, and on the right side write listen.

2. Reading Notes: If you can take good comments from the reading section, you have taken a major step towards success. The reading notes will lead you to just listen comments. The reading section will be generally divided into short paragraphs. All you have to do, is just above the main idea / topic of each item and consider them 1,2,3, etc. The left side of the dividing line. These comments will then help you focus / key ears it is important to listen to during the lecture.

3. Writing Notes: Now that you’ve taken great reading notes, you know what to listen regardless of whether the thesis will have doubt or improve to win. In listening, just write down the main ideas / points (not a minor detail). You can determine when a teacher is to switch to a new material using transition words / phrases. There are some other signs that will not be detailed here. Write down the main points on the right side of the line.

4. Match: It’s so amazing that each part of the TOEFL test is all about relevancy. After you take notes, look at both sides of the dividing line and compare notes from reading with notes from listening. Find related points and draw a line connecting the dots with each other. Match level with the thought in mind the requirements of the question (add, challenge, question). Now you are ready to post !!

Ok, now that you’ve made these beginning steps, you are ready to write an award winning integrated essay. How to actually write an essay will be described in another article. Hope you enjoy and it was useful.

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